Nationwide's Premier Services

Guaranteed Transit Times:

Here at Nationwide, we do things that others simply cannot or will not do. Nationwide provides guaranteed delivery time frames. Transport times are 1-14 days within the lower 48 states depending on route and other factors. If for any reason your vehicle is not delivered within the guaranteed delivery window, we will compensate you to help offset the cost and inconvenience of the delayed shipment via our Performance Guarantee Program.

Open Car Carrier Picture Performance Guarantee Program:

The Performance Guarantee Program was designed with our motto, “A Higher Standard,” in mind. On the rare occasion when something does not go as planned with transit times, we will work with our clients to come to a fair and equitable solution. This program reimburses the client for out of pocket expenses caused by delays in transit time and/or a lapse in the expected level of customer service. The Performance Guarantee Program has a maximum out of pocket of $50 a day for a maximum of 5 days for delays or $250 per occurrence for any reason. The preferred method of reimbursement is a Visa gift card.

Single Point of Contact:

At Nationwide, we want to build professional working relationships with our clients. During planning and transport, you will be assigned one relocation specialist to guide you through the complete process. Auto relocation begins and ends with communication. Your relocation specialist is always available to answer your questions via email or phone. Our clients will have one point of contact for the entire moving process.

Door-to-Door Service:

At Nationwide, we provide full door-to-door auto relocation. However, in the event that our carrier is unable to access a client’s location or if there are scheduling conflicts, preparations will be made ahead of time to help alleviate any inconvenience for our clients. If the location is not accessible, a convenient, alternative location will be arranged. Local city codes and regulations, low utility lines, narrow roads, or other undesirable road conditions are all reasons that the carrier may not be able to access a specific location. These cases occur very infrequently.

Liability & Cargo Insurance and Claim Assistance:

Nationwide Auto Transport is a licensed freight broker through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, MC# 616917. Nationwide’s elite network of carriers provides $1,000,000 in liability protection with $100,000 of cargo insurance. All carriers within our network have active and current cargo and liability insurance which Nationwide has verified to protect our client’s automotive assets. The carrier’s insurance policy will cover the client’s vehicle for damages caused by the carrier while in transit. If clients wish to have coverage on their vehicle exceeding $100,000, they must request this coverage in writing to Nationwide prior to the vehicle being loaded. In the unlikely event that damage occurs and was noted on the bill of lading, Nationwide will start the claims process for you.