Motorcycle and Watercraft Transportation

At Nationwide your satisfaction is our number one goal. We take pride in handling every vehicle, motorcycle, and watercraft entrusted to us with care. Relocating can be challenging and time consuming so allow us to make it simple. Nationwide is a trusted and recognized name for motorcycle and watercraft transportation; we have been shipping bikes and all types of watercrafts for several years.

Our company’s experienced staff will coordinate all steps of your motorcycle and watercraft transportation. Nationwide eliminates the stress and headache for our customers by offering all-inclusive door-to-door service. Preparing your motorcycle and watercraft for transportation follows the same basic guidelines listed in our Preparation Guide. However, we are including some additional suggestions that apply only to these types of relocations. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call one of Nationwide’s Relocation Specialists at 800-689-6498.

Safely Transporting Your Motorcycle

Red chopper with chrome wheels

  • Remove all personal items from your bike's saddlebags and under-seat storage.
  • If you are choosing to have your bike shipped in a crate, drain the gas tank and remove the battery.
  • Fold in the side mirrors and lock the handlebars.
  • Leave your bike in neutral. You should never ship a motorcycle while in gear, since an engaged transmission can cause internal damage.

Watercraft Transportation Information

  • Hatches and latches should be tightly secured and sealed with tape to prevent them from opening during transit.
  • All items in the cabin should be packed. All valuables should be removed.
  • The batteries should be disconnected and the cables tied off. If engine hatch covers are battery operated, they should be secured to prevent them from opening during transit.
  • If you have a dinghy, it cannot be transported on its davits. It should be stored in the cabin or securely lashed and padded in the cockpit.
  • Any loose items in the cabin and on deck should be removed or securely lashed down.
  • If you are moving a sailboat with a centerboard, please be sure that the board is strongly secured so that it will stay in the "up" position.