Frequently Asked Questions

How does the shipment process work?

After the order has been placed, the client will have one point of contact for the entire moving process. We schedule the pickup time and delivery window with the client. The driver will give the client sufficient notice to arrange pickup.

How long does it take?

If your vehicle is moving within the lower 48 states, please remember that once your vehicle is loaded onto the carrier, it is not the only car on the carrier being delivered.

Can I put personal items in the car?

No. Personal items are not allowed in the vehicle during transit.

Do you offer Door-to-Door Service?

At Nationwide, our auto relocation service includes door-to-door pickup and delivery. However, if for some reason the carrier cannot access the desired pickup or delivery location, a convenient, alternate location is arranged near a major road or parking area in your community.

What type of truck will my car be moved on?

Typically, your vehicle(s) will be transported on an 8 to 10 car open carrier. This is the same type of truck you see delivering new cars to the dealerships.

Is my vehicle insured while in transit?

Yes. Nationwide Auto Transport is a licensed freight broker through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, MC# 616917.

Will my vehicle be placed in a terminal?

Terminals are only used when necessary depending on your pickup/delivery locations and/or scheduling conflicts.